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Seiko Reloj Analógico Automático para Hombre con Correa de Acero Inoxidable – SNK371K1

Precio: 165,00€


Seiko 5 Mechanical stainless steel bracelet watch with a blue dial which includes a date and day window in dual languages, English & French and orange accents. This watch has the traditionally built mechanical movements, they simply wind themselves as they are worn and so never need batteries or any other complicated power source. Please be aware this watch needs to be actively worn for at least 12 hours to function correctly. Please note timing functions: Traditional automatic watches take their power from the movement of your wrist. The movement of your wrist winds the watch up on a constant basis. Inherently automatic watches have a tolerance of +- 25 seconds a day. Cumulatively this can be as much as 12 minutes in a month. This is not taking into account that leaving an automatic watch off for more than 36 hours will result in the watch stopping and needing to be re set. This gain/loss of time is normal and is part of the function of an automatic watch. Please take this into account when purchasing your watch.


Analógico en Acero inoxidable para Hombre Automático Clâsico Azul y Gris WR 30mt